Here's the deal: KMR Hosting is a project of Kevin M Reese. It was discovered that it was cheaper for him to have his own hosting company than to pay for all the individule websites he was maintaining for his use and others'. It is easier in the long run for him to just give the service away at no charge (taxes, bookkeeping etc). The caveat is that Kevin is in no position to offer support to any websites that KMR Hosting hosts as he knows just enough about this endeavor to really screw things up. Any websites on KMR Hosting servers must assume all responsibility for supporting, maintaining, and troubleshooting the site. We use a very reputable company for our servers (Jaguar PC), so quality and dependability will not be an issue. These are the same servers we use for our own sites.

The bottom line is: If Kevin has chosen to offer you free web hosting, enjoy it while it lasts.  If you need help with something, do feel free to ask Kevin about it (he wouldn't offer you this free service if he didn't like you)-- but be prepared for the event that he doesn't have an answer and/or he doesn't have time to help you find the answer.  Take the money you're saving on web hosting service and hire a web specialist to work out your problem.

With that in mind, below are the official Terms of Service. If you don't agree to the terms, we highly recommend JaguarPC for your hosting needs-- and they're pretty inexpensive.

Terms of Service

Below are your rights in regards to your website hosted by KMR Hosting (KMR):

  1. You have no rights-- other than those you were born with under the US Constitution.
  2. KMR Hosting is a free oportunity from KMR. As such, this service may continue or be discontinued at the discretion of KMR.
  3. KMR Hosting has no obligation to provide service or support to any website hosted on its servers.
  4. KMR Hosting may cancel, close, or otherwise discontinue any or all hosting service of any or all websites at any time and for any reason.
  5. Likewise, you may cancel, close or otherwise discontinue your associtation with KMR Hosting at any time and for any reason.
  6. KMR Hosting or Kevin M Reese may not be held legally or civilly liable in any way or for any reason as a result of loss of service or loss of data for websites hosted on its servers.
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